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Control and sorting

Our services

We offer our customers standard short-term product inspections, so-called “temporary remedial measures” as well as long-term projects in line with production requirements. We take an individual approach to each order and create separate workflows and labelling. We naturally also handle logistics flows and reporting.

The main areas of our activities are as follows:

Visual inspections and sorting of products using optical equipment such as magnifiers, stereomicroscopes and endoscopes. Input, inter-operation and final inspections of individual parts. Inspections using communal gauges, CSL1, CSL2 and GP12 inspections. Inspections and tests of the functionality of moving mechanisms, leak tests (bubble tests), measurement of electrical variables - resistance and voltage.

We use our own equipment and gauges for the above inspection activities.

Rework and specialised work

We carry out minor repairs and adjustments to individual parts for our customers. These activities include deburring, trimming, grinding and more. We also carry out the installation and assembly of parts, manual cleaning, degreasing and de-rusting of parts, either in our centres or directly at the customer’s premises.

We have acquired a great deal of experience in our many years in the quality control and measurement field and so have begun to specialised in the following areas:

Measuring using coordinate measuring machines at the customer’s premises(including programming and data evaluation), destructive testing (chisel tests, reboring, blasting tests), ultrasound measuring of spot welds, workshop technical inspections, monitoring production processes and product audits.

We perform all these controls and inspections using our own gauges and equipment.

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