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We want to help break down barriers between healthy and disabled people and to be a good example of working with people with disabilities while at the same time being competitive in the marketplace.

100% Rework Plus is a Czech company founded in 2011. We have the status of a "protected workplace".

In case of interest, we are able to provide our services to our customers also in the form of substitute performance.

Support handicapped people with us. Tell us what job you are enquiring and optimize your costs by using substitute performance.


  • Quality services = tribal employees + know-how
  • Visual inspection
  • Ancillary activities
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Minor repairs


The organization strives to meet the customer's requirements with a high quality of carried out work, reliability and, last but not least, an optimal price.

  • Every year our services are expanded and improved
  • We have all the standards in place, including ISO 9001 certification
  • We are ready to respond quickly and have professional backgrounds

We follow automotive standards which we have many years of experience with and we are ready to provide both system and process solutions. We are insured against professional and operationg liability.


Invoicing address:


100% REWORK PLUS s.r.o.
Křižíkova 2697/70
612 00 Brno CZ
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Call: +420 515 500 777 
E-mail: info@rework.cz

IČ.: 29273072
DIČ: CZ29273072

Registration No.: C70014 registered with the Regional Court in Brno

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