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Our vision and values

About the company

We want to be our partners first choice. Everything we do is based on trust in the people we work with.

The company’s values link the work performed in all our branches. Through these values and our corporate culture we are constantly working to develop our company.

Quality and safety

We are aware that our work has an influence on the products that people use every day almost all over the world. Our responsibility for the quality of the services we provide is a priority for us.

Value for the customer

We strive to ensure that our customers supply products of the highest quality. We are able to adapt to new challenges.

Credibility and stability

We are a purely Czech company with years of proven experience in quality and countless satisfied customers all over Europe. We place emphasis on transparency and openness.

Our employees

We have a team of full-time employees. We promote a personal approach and a friendly environment.


We place emphasis on honesty, mutual trust and respect.

Your quality is our common goal.

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