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About the Company

Our company was established in Brno in 2001 and in 2003 was transformed into 100% REWORK s.r.o. We began providing our 100% rework services after gaining plenty of experience in the automotive industry (where 100% Rework = checking, sorting and repairing parts). 

We always do our best to meet all of our customers’ requirements and we are proud of the good quality of our work, our reliability and, last but not least, our favourable prices. 

Our offices and supervisors are located all over the Czech Republic. In order to ensure that our services are better accessible and to attain better quality, we are planning to open new facilities. These facilities are always equipped with professional equipment enabling us to fulfil any of our customer requirements. 

We introduce new services every year so that we can offer you a full-featured service in the area of quality management. 

We are able to provide our staff for work both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our response time is 24 hours all year round. 

Please visit our website for all necessary information about our company. If you are interested in our offer, contact us and we will help you solve your requirements. 

Thank you for your time. We look forward to our potential co-operation. 

Yours faithfully, 

100% REWORK Team

Our Staff

Our staff are carefully selected by our personnel department assisted by professionals, and they have to do well in selective procedures. All new members of our team are trained in well-established and proven groups at our branches and are taught how to control our system before they are allowed to work independently in their offices. 

Immediately after they are taken on, they attend work safety, health protection and fire protection training; most of our staff hold a license to operate manual forklift trucks. This enables our company to ensure greater mobility of our staff when working outside our company or workshops. 

Members of management receive training in quality assurance and hold certificates issued by the Czech Society for Quality, such as Quality manager, quality technician, process auditor, etc. 

They are able to speak English and German so that they can communicate when travelling abroad or when co-operating with business partners employing foreigners in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. They have good organizational skills and have been trained in the management of processes. 

Each of our personnel has their own protective equipment (protective footwear, work clothes bearing the company's logo, etc.); moreover, members of management wear name tags. This is so that they can be distinguished from our customers’ employees.

Our Equipment

  • We are equipped with a wide range of measuring and visual checking devices.
  • Magnifying glasses, stereo-microscopes, endoscopes and others
  • Our teams are equipped with laptop computers (featuring mobile internet connection), phones, digital cameras, etc. so that they can be kept informed of the progress of the event and communicate with customers.
  • When providing our services, we use only professional equipment.
  • E.g. measuring technologies and devices from manufacturers like Mahr, Mitutoyo; measuring machines then include brands such as Baty (contact and camera 2D and 3D systems), Mitutoyo and Nikon
  • Minor repairs are carried out using Atlas Copco table drills and pneumatic grinders, Joisten Koettenbaum professional grinding fortunes (polishing, removing rust, cleaning etc.)
  • Scrapers, knives, files, electric grinders
  • We use many different types of identification according to our customers’ requirements (labels, tags, stamps (for use on many different materials), markers, etc.). The identification and recording of components must always be detailed together with the Project Manager before any project may commence.

Due to our wide range of checking equipment, we are able to respond to our customers' requirements quickly using our measuring equipment or carrying out repairs with our tools. All measuring devices have been calibrated in an accredited laboratory and are regularly checked, either once a year or according to the frequency of use of the device.

If a measuring device is not available in a workplace, we are able to provide for it "presently" and transport it to the workplace where the measuring is supposed to take place (additional equipment supplied to our branches, complete equipment for the mobile group, etc.)

This is why we can ensure an immediate response to your requirements even at weekends and on public holidays.

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Current News

We would like to present to you the new look of the 100% REWORK s.r.o. We believe that it will be attractive and will help you find your way through our rich range of services.

The new look of the company accompanies the introduction of new services. For more information, click here.

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